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Steam saunas



Steam sauna differs from Finnish sauna primarily in lower temperature and higher humidity. humidity can reach up to 100%, while temperature is about 40 - 45 °C. Steam generators are used instead of traditional sauna stoves. Thanks to modern technology you can install steam room even at home. The only condition is that walls, ceiling and all materials have to be entirely waterproof.  

Steam spa, similarly to Finnish saunas, releases muscle tone, stimulates blood circulation, relieves from different aches and pains. Breathing in steam sauna positively affects blocked nose. Taking steam sauna reduces stress and relaxes the mind, which can be of help in case of insomnia.  

Our company builds up a steam sauna or provide quality and approved materials for the construction. We deliver high-quality products of Finnish manufactures Harvia and Cariitti. Our vision is not to sell the cheapest products but the quality ones still at an affordable price


Bricked s sauna Componets of steam sauna Steam generator Steam Automatic drain valve Water softener
Aroma dispenser Steam jet Aroma for steam sauna Door to steam sauna

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